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What It Means To You

Check out the Reinventing Metro Plan.
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Bus Rapid Transit

Dedicated vehicles, defined stations, traffic signal priority, and fewer stops.
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Let's Reinvent Metro

With less waiting, extended hours and shorter trip times along with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), we can ensure Greater Cincinnati has a modern, efficient transit system that drives the region forward while attracting jobs and talent to our communities. 

To achieve this, SORTA is asking for a 0.8 percent Hamilton County Sales Tax in March 2020.

Faster Service and Shorter Trip Times

Improved connections with crosstown routes and potential BRT lines.

Increased Frequency

Service every 15 minutes or better on major routes.

Extended Hours

24-hour service on six major corridors.

Enhanced Customer Amenities

Real-time signs, improved apps, more shelters, Wi-Fi and charging ports.

Bus Rapid Transit

Fixed guideway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) would provide a new, faster transportation option, operating in "bus only" lanes along select corridors with features that include:

• 50% of route "bus only" lanes
• Fewer stops & designated shelters
• Traffic signal priority
• 12-to-15 minute frequency
• Off-board fare payment
• Larger vehicles
• More amenities: comfortable seats, Wi-Fi, real-time screens

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The Problem

Metro is currently funded by 3/10 of a penny of the city's earnings tax, however the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, disinvestment and the rising cost of maintaining an aging fleet have put a strain on Metro’s service. At the same time, the region has seen a growth in jobs outside the urban core, jobs that have been difficult for Metro to serve. To provide improved access to the places riders need to be, and to make our region competitive for jobs and talent, we must reinvent Metro.

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The Solution

With improved funding Metro can bring to life its Reinventing Metro Plan offering the Greater Cincinnati region bold, new transit innovations that better connects our community to jobs, school, healthcare and play. To accomplish this, the SORTA Board is placing a Hamilton County sales tax levy of 0.8 percent on the ballot that would ensure Metro is able to provide the level of service our community needs. Take a look at our plan to bring bold, new transit innovations to Cincinnati and show us your support.

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